29 April Season 3!

We are happy to annouce Season 3 will start later this month on 29 April 2016!

From this Monday we be posting brand new video of behind the scenes of Violetta 3.

New videos will update on Monday, Wednesday, Friday!

Then Season 3 will start 29 April on here!

We hope you can’t wait!


18 thoughts on “29 April Season 3!

    1. Hey, it has not appear on TV as pf yet in the UK. Violetta3 will air in summer in UK. The UK had season 2 from June to August.


  1. Did you just say july then i cant wait
    i cant believe season 3 coming in the same month as my birthday but they not in the same date my birthday is on the 15 in season 3 it’s on the 26th i’m so happy


  2. Well hello there i don’t know if you got upset about what i said before i never want it to ask you that question and i’a sorry if you upset don’t answer but if you not you can still respond it ok i just got so excited about texting you and i saw you answer i just overreacted i’m really sorry


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