Season 2 will be fully out by next week!

We have delayed season 2 due to technical issue with VPN. Our VPN has been blocked which cause us to go quite and find another way. After 7 days we found a small fix for the time being.
Don’t expect Season 3 to come out fast because this is taking longer than normal to get episode done!

VPN issue information here:


7 thoughts on “Season 2 will be fully out by next week!

  1. Hi guys when this website is finished uploading violetta do get sad it’s all over and u want a season 4 well sorry to say Disney likes to keep to shows down to 3 season violetta is probably the best cause if I didn’t notice each episode is like being in here diary, but anyway as most of u guys know there is gonna be a movie coming out this year about Tini growing in to her career here is a sneak peak
    I think u should go in order and watch season 1 2 3 well when 3 comes out then when the movie comes out
    It will be like watching season 4 of violetta o btw I’m pretty sure she is still called violetta in the movie put her title is tini


  2. is there any way you can upload earlier like on the 19th of april cause TINI the movie is coming out on the 29th of april for america


    1. There no plans to release season 3 early! However we like note the movie is not relasing on 29 April! That is album.
      Disney has not dubbed the movie into English as of yet as well!


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