Episode 80


26 thoughts on “Episode 80

    1. Its out, in the last episode they said they was going Qatar, so it sound like the next season set there, if you watch whole video you find out if they travelled there or if violetta 2 is going to be set in the same place!
      I know what happened because UK on season 2 , episode 50


      1. Hello, Violetta season 2 and 3 was out, Season 2 and 3 has been removed by vimeo staff.
        This means I need to find a new hosting place!
        The comment for season 2 was last year around June time!
        Season 2 already been out but removed by vimeo!
        If you can’t wait check out videoletta channel! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. What do you mean? If you click on Season 2, you can view all the episodes, however only one episode is working, which is having issue!


  1. Hi i saw all episodes in season 1, and i want to watch seasone 2 and 3 but this website that you wrote wants to human have to login and when i write mine mail and password, they write to me thats mine password isn’t correct but is it can you help me please? Please tell me soon as possible. Please?


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