Episode 5


15 thoughts on “Episode 5

      1. As soon as violetta come out I was so excited to watch it (on TV,) although by the time it was on I would be asleep. Now with this website I can watch it any time any episodes with amazing graphics and audio to add on for free! I would like to thank you. 😁😁


    1. hey can u let the kids watch season 2 online here for free cause i m just 12 years old my mom won’t pay for this and i dont think i can watch it somewhere else and for some reason i can’t episode 5,6,7….. and so on. So please i am begging u at least leave one website for free cause i love violetta and i wanna watch but don’t know how


    1. Hello, in season 2 and 3 we do have plans for some song to be sung in original language, however most will be English. We thank you ofr your feedback!


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