Episode 38


11 thoughts on “Episode 38

    1. You are,so mean and I am so disappointed that you would have the nerve to say that. Poor Tomas is in love but the girl he is in love with Violetta already has a boyfriend Leon.


      1. yah but they keep hurting each other, so he should have the common sense 2 know that its not worth it anymore. he acts like he hates her and that is how he is supposedly loving her


  1. Are you yelling at Tomas for trying to follow his heart. Because of the fact that he is in love with Violetta. But Violetta is in love with Tomas and she is dating Leon at the same time. Violetta loves Tomas but she is also in love with Leon.


    1. no one is yelling and following your heart is great and everything but when you do the wrong things and still say you’re following your heart then something is wrong. you cannot do terrible and say terrible things and use the excuse that you’re following your heart. that is ludmilla so he is equivalent to her right now.


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