Episode 36


22 thoughts on “Episode 36



      1. but he has changed and of course he will keep changing, he just isnt nice to tomas, that’s the only person and tomas says, ‘violetta u r the worst person i have ever known’ u can never say that 2 a person who ur supposedly in love with and because of ludmilla puh leese! if it was someone else it would be a little more understandable but ludmilla mhm! but i like ludmilla, she is mean but she is right she is a supernova and she shines bright and she knows what she wants and is confident. she’s not the worst


    1. are you in sain leon is worst tomas is sweet and violetta is jerk first of all she likes tomas and next she kisses leon and of course ludmila is involved too so beasicly what am training to say is that leon ,ludmila and violetta are 3 jerks and tomas and violettas love is pure and leon is just mad because first wen thomas araived at studio ludmila was chiting on leon and leon thoght that tomas was into ludmila so he started stealing her girlfriend violetta


      1. leon never liked vilu just because he was trying 2 get back at tomas he actually likes violetta, they r meant 4 each other, he was violetta’s 1st kiss that has 2 mean something besides no matter how much tomas and violetta think they’re in love, if they dont trust each other *ahem tomas thinks violetta is horrible because ludmilla stole her idea but he doesnt believe her ahem* whoo! long cough there! i ship leonetta because leon takes care of violetta thats all that matters besides you can tell she obviously feels something for leon.


    2. ohmygosh! how dare tomas speak that way 2 francesca. that is sooooo rude! and german is pathetic! understandable how he is still heartbroken over maria but banning music 4 ur daughter and it means everything 2 her. u should be able to make sacrifices for her. she is ur only remaining like 2 maria.


    1. leon isnt rude to everyone, only tomas. he has changed. he used to be like Ludmilla as in LUDMILLA, you have 2 give the guy some credit any thing is a step up from that (btw i do like ludmilla tho) and if he cares about violetta and is nice to her and wants to please her where is the problem. im not seeing a problem with that. props to leon for keeping her happy unlike tomas who goes assuming all the wrong things. and he wonders y their relationship keeps getting wrecked the trust is nowhere 2 be found.


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