21 thoughts on “Episode 30

    1. Hey try the veoh app, and one you have downloaded that app just type violetta and you will see episode 29 but it won’t be written 29 it would be written 27 and that is actually episode 29 it is easy just download that app


  1. Hi this is Sohyla again I really want to watch season 1 episode 29 on your website cause I don’t want to watch it on vk.com can you upload it on your website


  2. I really want to watch episode 29 season 1 but it won’t let me and every time I press on the episode it takes me to this vk.com website


  3. I mean that you are not fixing episode 29. So an easier way to watch all the episodes without stopping or asking for help is Netflix.


    1. Hi, the episode should be up! We can not ask for Netflix help at all. Please note by asking netflix, we are putting this website at risk of shutting down!


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