Hello Violetta fans. I really want to say a big thank you to everyone, for waiting so patiently. What new episodes have been released? Episode 23 and 24 from season 2 and episode 2 from season 3. We always continue to keep you updated.


Mobile user’s issues: We are aware that mobile won’t play the video.

We suggest to our mobiles users to download Veoh app and search for the episode you are looking for. We are working hard on a new and updated system which allows mobiles to download the videos. We will be asking you if you want it in 720p or 480p?


Is there timetable?

No, that’s due to college. However, I will say there will be at least 3 episodes out by Sundays.

Questions and Answers!

Question: When will Violetta 2 & 3 episodes return?
Answer: 25 September you will start seeing new episodes

Question: Where do you get your videos from?

Answer: We get our videos from Netflix, sources, Disney Channel UK on tv and Disney Sweden via an online service.

Question: Will soy Luna come to the UK?
Answer: We can now confirm that Disney UK since they have bought the rights to air it.

Question: Are you from UK?
Answer: Yes, I live in UK and was born there. However, I would like to say that my English, is not that perfect at all.

Question: Is there a soy Luna channel?
Answer: Yes, it is soy Luna UK.

Question: Are you planning to upload soy Luna?

Answer: Most likely not. I am really sorry to disappoint you. I had some really nasty comments and threats for not uploading new episodes on time. This is why I not planning to do it since I can’t keep to a schedule, however this may change.

UPDATE on Episode! I am done! Nearly!

I am really sorry but if this new video player dosn’t work. I am done with uploading Violetta videos. Its taken over 1 to 2 years now for season 2. I trying my best to keep the episode working and finding new ways to fix issues. However your now required a VK account. I not having it. I found a new place!

If this doesn’t work. I will giving up next time!


Its unknown when new episodes will be coming out!

Violetta 3 and 2 might be back this July!

Violetta 2 and 3 is planned to start coming back late July. Please don’t compain about it coming back so late because it really hard to find a hosting video sevice where Disney can’t request to take it down!

We also done this so we can start watching it at the same time as us who lives in the UK can see it first on Disney and here as well! 🙂

If you can’t wait please go to videoletta and watch it there instead.

It takes around 1 day to do episode and it does cost us money which we are willing to pay to show Disney UK that Violetta is great and should be on ealier.

Lets remember this can always change so please remember this! 😦

We hope you can’t wait!



If we found a place which Season would you want us to upload first?
Please click on the link and vote via twitter as you have 24 hours left!

Or vote below by liking the comment I have said! 🙂