Questions and Answers!

Question: When will Violetta 2 & 3 episodes return?
Answer: 25 September you will start seeing new episodes

Question: Where do you get your videos from?

Answer: We get our videos from Netflix, sources, Disney Channel UK on tv and Disney Sweden via an online service.

Question: Will soy Luna come to the UK?
Answer: We can now confirm that Disney UK since they have bought the rights to air it.

Question: Are you from UK?
Answer: Yes, I live in UK and was born there. However, I would like to say that my English, is not that perfect at all.

Question: Is there a soy Luna channel?
Answer: Yes, it is soy Luna UK.

Question: Are you planning to upload soy Luna?

Answer: Most likely not. I am really sorry to disappoint you. I had some really nasty comments and threats for not uploading new episodes on time. This is why I not planning to do it since I can’t keep to a schedule, however this may change.


11 thoughts on “Questions and Answers!

  1. I have a question… At 10pm every night theirs a slot for Violetta. For the past couple of weeks episodes from season 1 have been airing, my question is, they airsSeason 3 Episode 59 and they stopped with season 3. Would you know when they’ll continue with episode 60 and so on as I’m sick of watching youtube videos lol.


    1. You can watch it from december. The reason why is the movie will be releasing in early 2017. Disney paused it so they could plan to advertise it a little bit for UK Fans!


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