UPDATE on Episode! I am done! Nearly!

I am really sorry but if this new video player dosn’t work. I am done with uploading Violetta videos. Its taken over 1 to 2 years now for season 2. I trying my best to keep the episode working and finding new ways to fix issues. However your now required a VK account. I not having it. I found a new place!

If this doesn’t work. I will giving up next time!


Its unknown when new episodes will be coming out!


30 thoughts on “UPDATE on Episode! I am done! Nearly!

    1. Hi, try using facebook to sign in however we have found a new place to to upload the clips to. It will take a few weeks to fix the issue!


  1. hello I just want to know if season 3 will be out tmoz or would it be back in September the priemere of season 3 let me know also where would I be able to watch the next time of violetta in English would it be on your channel let me know


  2. hello can u tell me where you’re planning to put season 2 i would like to see the website nd you could also try uploading on putlocker they dont have or please could you send me the episodes by e-mail or something please….


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