If we found a place which Season would you want us to upload first?
Please click on the link and vote via twitter as you have 24 hours left!

Or vote below by liking the comment I have said! 🙂

8 thoughts on “UPDATE – NEWS

  1. and when is this even happening…. you guys take for ever, you can see its both season like duh and well if you can’t then season three…(its not our fault some people missed it when you all were posting..).. we waited for so long now! hurry up!! PLEASE (WAS WAITING SINCE APRIL)………..!


    1. You can always watch videoletta instead if you can’t wait!
      We listen to everyone and views have said they want both seasons back at the same time!
      Its hard trying to find a video hosting place which won’t just get rid of videos after a day!
      And its unknown if it will be back or not since we still finding a place!


    1. We have but we are in talks to make sure this right hosting services!
      Once thats done we after start redoing all the work we did last year getting Season 2 up and then Season 3! 🙂


  2. I really aprecciate that you are trying as best you can.I cant wait to watch both seasons!Sorry if I type something wrong,I am Croatian.


  3. Violetta season 3. They aired season 3 episode 59, they never aired season 3 episode 60 (up til 80 for the series final episode. The 10 o’clock slot for the past couple of weeks is still for Violetta, but they play episodes from season 1. Would you know when thy play the rest of season 3. I do want to finish the series.


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