Updated Schedule for Violetta2

We updating Violetta 2 Schedule to make it more easier for us to meet the deadlines and to make it easier than you guess when.

This will start on the Wednesday  9 March!



9 thoughts on “Updated Schedule for Violetta2

  1. You are the best ! i am so exited for season 3 ! 🙂 Please put 2 episodes per day even for season 3 ! Till now you are doing a great job and you are my favorite website !!!! ❤


    1. Hey, we release them like once a day every few days. We making so this season will be in 1080p so you get the best quality videos!
      With this update you also be able to download them offline!
      That’s why we slow down the release!


  2. you guys are doing a great job but im just wondering when season 2 episode 63 is gonna be up it say it will be up today but ive been waiting all day i just waited to know but anyways keep it up u are doing a great drop!


    1. The next episode is due tomorrow!
      Official statement:
      We have delayed season 2 due to technical issue with VPN. Our VPN has been blocked which cause us to go quite and find another way. After 7 days we found a small fix for the time being.
      Don’t expect Season 3 to come out fast because this is taking longer than normal to get episode done!

      VPN issue information here: thenextweb.com/apps/2016/02/29/netflix-users-cry-out-as-it-aggressively-blocks-hacks-that-give-access-to-us-library/


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