Violetta 2 delayed until Internet fixed!

I sorry to say but my Internet has been down a week and still not fixed. I am waiting for them to fix it so I can record new violetta. I am sad to say its not working! 😦

Please note the 4 new episodes posted last week was upload to vimeo 2 weeks ago.

We are still awaiting for it to be fixed.

15 thoughts on “Violetta 2 delayed until Internet fixed!

    1. We feel the same way! 😦 We hate issues but sadly it won’t be out until Thursday or Friday however there will be 4 episodes post on Thursday we hope. We hope you can’t wait.
      Have you watch Alex & Co? Don’t worry its coming back. We promise you! πŸ™‚


  1. Will this keep happening? I hope not because this has happened so many times already and I really wanna watch all season 2 without problems. Pls post it soon. 😦


    1. Hopeful not. We need to fix this soon because I go on holiday on Monday and if the episodes are not record then I can’t do anything.
      Thank you.


  2. I am very upset about this, I would just like to watch violetta but this problem has been posted long ago and nothing has been found yet, I hope you guys will resolve this soon.


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