2 episode every Mondays to Fridays!

Every Monday to Friday we will now be posting 2 episodes, as promised, unless our computer breaks again. However there might not be episode every Saturday and Sunday but other shows. We are working our very best to get the episodes released as quickly as possible.

So another question we might get ask is what time will the two episodes be upload?

A 7pm and 8pm Slot is fixed and will not change.

Please note I am going on holiday on 3 February which means 2 episodes per a day will go to 1 or none per day for 14 days, however I will try my best to upload them in another place in the world. I will be like 5 hour in front which should mean the episode are out early.

Keep eye on this page to see if Violetta will be upload when I am on Holiday.


Please note Season 3 starts in April / May. There are no plans start it in March but also people said June. It will not start in June! 🙂


Violetta 3 will finish in August / October.


The plan is every Monday – Wednesday – Friday or Monday to Friday at the new time of 8pm or 7pm.


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