Season 2 has been put on hold! :(

We are so sorry but our temporary PC has broken, we are now looking for another temporary PC as soon as we can, we are very sorry for delays.

Please note we have decide that Violetta 2 will be back later next week, we be using laptops, which might break, however we know you guys get mad if we don’t release them.

At Christmas there been slight change, we was going pause however this has been cancelled, violetta 2 will continue until march, without stopping.

Our temporary PC will be order on Black Friday, in hope save money, so we can build a new PC next year, with better speeds for video editing.

We are once again sorry! 😦


2 thoughts on “Season 2 has been put on hold! :(

    1. It is on some Netflix however episode are back partly next week. With 2 new episodes and then it goes back normal!
      The great news is that it is now full screen! 🙂


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