Moving away

Hello, we are looking into finishing Violetta UK Channel on dailymotion and just moving on website only for episode as we have so many problems with it!

We want your vote: if we leave dailymotion we can upload more videos and get Violetta episode out fast but please tell us!

6 thoughts on “Moving away

    1. Hello, this website will keep going, however we won’t update as much as we go Brand new Website coming, which is more user friendly and!
      The episode will remain on this website however may disappear from menu which will mean you after go through our new website! 😛
      Don’t worry our new website loads better!


  1. or is the website going to be available for episodes only but is this website name example .ttps:// still going to be the same


    1. The moving away is for dailymotion account however we received 120 emails about they don’t want us move!
      Our new website is this:

      Please note we are still underconstuction so feature of our website his hidden to normal user!
      We tell people in August more about it!


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