Violetta – Season 1 – Episode 10

Don’t miss out todays Episode of #Violetta
#Violetta – Season 1 – Episode 10
Main features of todays episode are:

>Herman nearly catches Violetta and Tomas together
>Tomas finds out that Angie is works as Violetta’s tutor
>Violetta friends discover Ludmila and Naty’s cause problems
>Tomas shows violetta the video that he was not mock her
>Angie had meeting with Herman
>Jade gets mad a Herman as he take out Angie
>Ludmila makes Violetta will think that they’re kissing

Is love change violetta and Herman life
Due to recent recording issue the video will not be out for advance 10 and music moments!

Website= http://violettanewsuk.wordp/..


#Violetta is on Everyday at 23:05


#Violetta2 Starting late March and might be moved to April


#Violetta3 Sorry no news yet See More


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